Google Talk Widget For Blogger / BlogSpot

google-talk-widget Google Talk is one of the most popular IM clients on  the Web. The Google Talk Widget for Blogger will help you in adding an elegant Google Talk badge to your Blogger / BlogSpot Blog.

The Google Talk Widget comes in 2 varieties. You can add any of these two widgets.Both of them are different and work differently :)

1.Google Chat Back Gadget – This gadget allows your visitors to IM you without revealing your Gmail can chat with your blog visitors like what you normally do with your IM buddies. The only difference here is that your identity wont be revealed.

How to Install the Google Chat Back Gadget?

1. Login with your Google Account at Google Talk Badges

2.Copy the HTML Code generated by Google

3.Now login to your Blogger Account and Navigate to Layout > Page Elements Page

4.Click the Add Gadget Link and Opt to add an HTML/JavaScript Gadget

5.Paste the HTML code(that we copied) into the Gadget and Save it.

6.Now you should see the Google Chat Back Widget on your Blog’s sidebar.

Here is a Screenshot of what the Google Chat Back Widget will look like


2. Google Talk Gadget – This Gadget is just like the Google Talk Interface within your Gmail. This will allow your  blog visitors to login to Google Talk. It is better to say that, once you add this gadget, your blog can serve as a Google Talk IM Client. This Widget wont allow the visitors to chat with you. If the visitor logs into his Google Talk account(via this Google Talk Gadget), he will be able to chat with his Google Talk Buddies and not with you(the blog owner)unless you were already on his buddy list :)

You can add this Widget easily using this One Click Installer. It will Add the Widget to your Blog’s Sidebar.

Add Recent Posts Widget

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Blog Translation Widget for Blogger / Blogspot

You must have seen a lot of "Translate This Blog" Widgets on other wordpress and blogger blogs.So i thought of making a once click installable widget for the same.To install this language translation widget you just have to use widget installation button over here.

  • How to Install the Blog Translation Widget For Blogger

  • Note: If you are reading this in a Feed Reader the widget installer wont be displayed properly.So visit the actual article on the site to install the widget.


    Subscription Buttons Widget for Blogger / Blogspot

    You all know the importance of RSS feeds. There are different online RSS readers available.Your blog readers may wish to read your blog feeds in their favorite reader.This widget allows you to add Buttons of all popular online feed readers to your blog.It also adds an email subscription box(if you have got an feedburner email delivery for your blog) where users can provide their email to get your blog feeds by mail..

    Note: If you are reading this in a Feed Reader the widget installer wont be displayed properly.So visit the actual article on the site to install the widget.

    Top Commentators Widget for Blogger / Blogspot with Advanced Features

    Blogger has always lacked a Top Commentators Widget which would encourage the readers to leave useful comments on your blog. This blogger widget will display a list of your top commentators.Here i have used a yahoo pipe to implement the same. Thanks to Google system for providing us with a wonderful yahoo pipe.
    This widget has some additional features unlike other 'Top Commentor Widgets'.This allows you to filter out the blog author's name from the top commentators list. You can filter out as many names as you want by using the filtering option in the widget installer(the filters should be separated by commas). So if you don't want to list 'Anonymous' in your top commentator list then just use it in the filter field. Another feature of this widget is that users can navigate to the commentator's profile or site by clicking on his name in the list.

    You can also set the number of Top commentators that you want to display.You can see a demo of the widget here.

    How to Install the Top Commentators Widget For Blogger

    Just use any of the Widget installers provided here. Provide your blog URL(in place of ) in the Blog url: field of the widget installer.You can also set the number of commentators to be displayed and you can add the names to be filtered out. If multiple names are to be filtered out, then separate then using commas. Click Customize and then hit the Add Widget to Blog Button.

    1) Widget Based On Recent 500 Comments.This will judge the top commentators from the latest 500 comments to your blog.

    Add Top Commentators Widget to Blog

    2) Widget Based On Recent 5000 Comments.This will judge the top commentators from the latest 5000 comments to your blog.This widget is only needed if your blog has high density of comment.I mean if you have more than 500 comments on your blog you can use this one..

    Add Top Commentators Widget to Blog

    Note:-Install the second widget only and only if your blog has lots and lots of comments.Else you should opt for the first one..

    1)The pipe for the first widget is inspired from Assess My Blog
    2)The pipe for the first widget is inspired from complicated yahoo pipe by Google System

    Please leave your opinions on the widget and help me in spreading this widget to the blogosphere.. Note: If you are reading this in a Feed Reader the widget installer wont be displayed properly.So visit the actual article on the site to install the widget.

    You can use this article on your blog,but make sure that you link back to the original post page @ Article Licensed Under the Creative Commons Licensing Read - [CC Licenses Attribution-SA 2.5].


    Blog Archive

    If this widget is not being displayed,then it is probably because we are currently modding the template..The archive widget will be back here soon..

    Remove Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Link

    1. Login to your Blogger Account

    2. Go to Design > Edit HTML

    3. Click on the Check box which says "Expand Widget Templates"

    4. Now Find this line of code in your template( Use Ctrl + F )

    <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>

    5.Delete this line

    6.Save your Template and the "Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)" link will be completely removed from your Blog.


    Opera Widgets on your blog or site..

    I was always fascinated by the sleek browser opera.I really like its looks.Today i found something interesting.Opera Widgets for blogs.This creates an opera widgets for your blog feed to which other opera users can subscribe(They can download your blog feed widget).I too have created an opera widget of my blog here.See the Preview.

    Opera Widget for your Blog

    To add my widget use the button below


    So if you wish to stay up to date with my blog then you can download it..This is only for Opera users...

    If you are a blogger and is interested in making a similar widget on your site visit opera widgets site at

    Publish your widget and have fun..
    The only problem that i find with opera widgets is that it opens in a new window and shows itself in the task bar..But still its looks are great and therefore is much appreciated..Hope that the opera team will add more features so that they can match up with the Firefox Extensions.

    Blogger Templates

    I know that a newbie blogger will find it difficult to find out good templates..I too had the same problem some time back.So i started this post.My aim is to help you with every aspect of blogspot blogging.If you have any doubts or comments you can always contact me via comments here.Here i am giving a list of some sites which provide free blogspot templates.The list will be updated every time i find some new template site..So keep watching.. Sites For getting Beta Blogger Templates.

  • Blogger Templates

  • Beautiful Beta

  • BlogSpot Templates

  • Blogger Templates Blog

  • Web Talks

  • Final Sense

  • Blogger Buster

  • Theme Lib

  • Jackbook

  • Blogger Themes

  • B themes

  • Free Themes

  • Blogger Talk

  • Themes for blogger

  • Themes 110

  • Lasval Blogger Templates

  • Eblog Templates - New

  • Themes Converted from Wordpress New

  • BTemplates -New

  • Deluxe TemplatesNew

  • Dante AraujoNew

  • These are the few that i remember will add more soon..

    If you have any just leave me a comment and i will post it here and i will add it to the list so that it may help other bloggers around

    Make Spiders to follow your comment

    By default blogspot templates make the urls in the comment fiedls as no follow.Means search engines wont follow these links.In my blog the comments field is followed.Means you will get inlinks to your blog(which are followed by search engines).This may encourage commentors to comment on your blog.So if interested you can comment on my blog.Spammers please dont hurt me..

    Ok now i should tell you how to implement the do follow attribute in your blog
    As i always say open up your template html.

    <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'<></a>

    Delete the one in Bold and you are done..

    I suggest you to remove all the rel='nofollow' tags in your template so that you can make sure of it..

    I have removed all the nofollow tags in my blog template..So comment on.I am waiting for yours.Any suggestions questions or anything will do..
    Update: The comments here are no longer DO FOLLOW

    Background images for adsense ads

    Update:Don't use this hack.. Making image backgrounds can be against the Adsense TOS. So just don't do it..
    Hmm guys..Wanna add background image to yourr adsense ad so that it looks better..

    Ok then here is the trick..

    <table align="center" width="your_image_width" height="your_image_height" border="0" background="your_image_path">
    <tr><td width="your_image_width" height="your_image_height">
    <div align="center">

    Edit the above code properly as below..

    Replace Put_Google_Ads_code_here with your adsense code.

    Replace your_image_width with the width of your image

    Replace your_image_height with the height of your image

    Replace your_image_path with your image file's url

    After editing put this code in the place you need your ads to appear(with background image)

    When you choose the background colour and border colour in Adsense for content setup please try to use colours matching with your back ground image..

    Label Cloud


    Adding Video to Blogger


    Videos and images can help you in improving your Blog Posts. There are many methods of adding a video to your blogger post. There are millions of videos available on YouTube. If you look at the right side of every YouTube page you will see an embed code. add-video-to-blogger

    Copy out this Embed  Code into you blogger post editor and paste in into your blog post. Now when you publish the post you would be able to see the video in your blog post.

    If you have a video on your computer, and you need to get it into a blog post, then you can upload the video right from  your post editor. The video should be in one of the permissible formats and should be below 100 Mega Bytes in size.

    If you don't prefer to upload your video via blogger, then you can upload it at YouTube Meta Cafe or some other video sharing sites and then use their video embed code within the post.

    The blogger help group has made an simple and easy video tutorial about adding videos on Blogger Blogs. You will get a better idea if you take a look at their Video Tutorial. I have embedded the video into this blog post. :)


    How to remove the Blogger Nav bar?

    Remove the blogger nav bar

    Blogger comes with a default navigation bar.This blogger navigaton bar may not be present in most of the templates.But if you are using a default blogger template,then you will see some navigation bars like the one in this picture.These navigation bars can be removed using some simple CSS techniques.

    Here are the steps to remove the Blogger Navigation bar /Blogger Nav Bar

    1.Login to your blogger account

    2.From your Dashboard opt for Layout

    3.Now choose Edit Html

    4.You will see your template code there.

    5.In that template code find


    and replace it with

    #navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }

    6.Now opt for SaveTemplate.

    7.Affter saving the template take a look at your template and your blogger navigation bar must have disappeared. :)

    If you still cant figure this out see the video below. See the video below..


    How to change the Blogger Favicon ?

    What is favicon?

    While using IE Firefox or Opera you will see an icon on the tab when u visit a page.This is called favicon.By default blogspot blogs have a favicon which looks ugly.See it here at the top of the post.So how to remove it?

    Goto Blogger Template>Edit Html
    There find the title tag which looks like


    and immediately after that add the following code after proper editing

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="URL of your icon file"/>

    Remember to replace URL of your icon file file with your icon file's url

    Social Bookmarking Icons after every blogger Post

    Update:Facebook and Twitter Buttons Added Social bookmarking icons including stumble icon

    Most of the bloggers out here know that social bookmarking is so important to us Do u wish to add these bookmarking icons like this:
    Social Bookmarking Icons after every blogger post
    after each of your blog post..OK here is the trick.. Back up your Template first Goto your Blogger Template>Edit Html Expand widget templates and replace
    <head><script src=''> </script>

    Now find
    <p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>

    Or if that is not there then find

    <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>

    Now place the code from this text file just below this line[whichever line you were able to find] and save the template. and the hack is done.You can edit the text file to remove some of the icons. Credits to Beautiful Beta for developing this awesome javascript. If you need the new better icons(which includes stumbleupon visit my new post here.

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